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So yeah..I have had lots of time to do nothing!
Seeing as I have the flu...and I hate it!
=[ Flu sucks. I dislike winter..well I like it when it snows but that's about it.
&& we don't get much snow here so yeah.
I can't wait till summer. I love it..the light breeze blowing..getting tan as heck..yeah it's amazing.
I hope I get to go to the beach this summer..I did last summer and it was so much fun!
Then I wouldn't have this stupid flu lol..well can you get the flu in the summer? I hope that's not dumb..but I am really unsure lol?
Anyways I posted an updated pic of me below. Does anyone have any ideas of anything cute I can do to it? Like with Animation Shop or anything?
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Well anyways I'm off to watch some Lifetime movies..there amazing when your sick ha.
♥ Christal

PS: I need some El Jay friends..since I havn't been on here in forever my old ones don't talk to me anymore.

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    New Lj. ilyxo. Add it. =]

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    You always disappoint me. It's like our inside joke... only it's not funny.

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