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It's been 3465156418622 million years!

I havn't posted in awhile..like I'm gonna start updating this thing regularly. Myspace just gets so addicting sometimes..I forget I have this.

Anyways I didn't go to school today cus the dentist still hasn't fixed my tooth..I've gone to the dentist like 54681515144 times three weeks. It's CRAZY. I hate it..like the whole left side of my jaw hurts..nit just the tooth. Not to mention I had a "side effect" to the antibitics I'm taking called Amoxicillin..and it's REALLY hard to eat. It hurts really bad. I havn't ate anything today it hurts so bad. My mom told me to stop taking them..so yeah they have to call the dentist AGAIN. So I'll prolly have to go back tomorrow which definetly sucks.

But yeah..I'm kind of having a hard time getting over Michael. I guess four years is a long time, and I loved him so much. He's got a girl friend now..the blue eyed, blond hair, really pale kinda girl. Totally oppisite from me..I'm the brown eyed, long brown hair, tan kinda girl. Lol that sounded wierd. Anyways I guess I'm gonna go.

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    New Lj. ilyxo. Add it. =]

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    You always disappoint me. It's like our inside joke... only it's not funny.

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