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Well today..I went to school.It sucked and was REALLY boring like always. After school I went to the Seymour Christian School basket ball game with Sara to watch Barbie and James play. It was pretty fun. Michael called me while it was happening..and he like flipped out and said it was over when we weren't even dating. So I hung up on him and he called back like 100 million times. He said he's never talking ot me again..all because I went to a Christian School basket ball game and there was like hardly any people there. After that we went to her house, and then to Wal-Mart to throw bikes and ride balls..ba ha ha. That's an inside joke we were being retarded. OMG...in Wal-Mart they had these fun bouncy moon shoe things..so I put um on, and I started running and I fell in front of eveyrone and then I couldn't get up lol..it was so funny..you just had to be there. My friend Barbie video taped it with her phone lol.

Anyways tomorrow I may go spend the night with my friends Brittany and Alex but idk if my mom will let me cus she is just mean like that lol..but hopefully if I clean and suck up a lot.

♥ Christal

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    New Lj. ilyxo. Add it. =]

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    You always disappoint me. It's like our inside joke... only it's not funny.

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